Weber Rations is an full-service, agile film production and marketing company specializing in artist promotion through unconventional content-- shorts, music videos, interviews, ep/album support, and unorthodox digital media campaigns.

With the advent of the social network came a dilemma for both amateur and distinguished artists alike: there are now seemingly limitless opportunities for artistic expression and promotion, however the exposure demands frequent content authentic to the artist's brand. These days, it takes more than just cover art.

Full-service does not mean just making content, but also strategizing the most important part— getting it out there. That means monetizing and marketing projects to people who are eager to see your work (they just don't know it yet). 

You are now more accessible than ever. Take advantage of it. 

Additionally, our goal through this site is to provide a hub by which ourselves, clients, and colleagues can showcase their work. Amateur artistic endeavors often require a network of talented people, and we wish to bring all the best from our skilled peers and their personal projects. These are the people that inspire us on a daily basis.




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